Phonar Nation

Phonar Nation (2013-2014). Digital Media & Learning Research Hub, UC, Irvine.

Phonar Nation was developed as a collaboration between Jonathan Worth, a photographer from the UK, , Cambodian Family Center in Santa Ana, California, and Digital Media and Learning Research Hub to transform Phonar, his popular open photography college undergraduate course, to make it culturally relevant for underrepresented teens in the United States. Phonar is short for Photography and Narrative (picture-making and storytelling). After the course was created, the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub Partnered with the Los Angeles Public Library to offer Phonar Nation courses at Junipero Serra Branch Library and Echo Park Branch, L.A. Public Library.

Phonar Nation Book-in-a-Box a book exchange project in which libraries received a photo book a week, created a response around it, and passed it along to a youth group at another participating library location in the United States. During the summer of 2014, select libraries in Los Angeles, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco were being invited to participate. Phonar Nation worked in partnership with the International Center of Photography (ICP) to curate ten titles for audiences ranging from about 9 years of age to adults that were included in the Book-in-a-Box project.