Artful Citizenship

Artful Citizenship: A Passport to Learning(2002-2005).The Wolfsonian-FIU, Miami Beach, FL.

Rawlinson, K; Wood, S. N, Osterman, M & Caro Sullivan, C. (Summer 2007). Thinking Critically About Social Issues Through Visual Material. Journal of Museum Education. Museum Education Roundtable, Volume 32, Number 2, pp. 155-174.

The Wolfsonian-Florida International University, a museum of arts and design, received a US Department of Education, Arts in Education, Model Development and Dissemination Grant Program to develop a pilot program for utilizing arts infused pedagogical approaches to teach twenty-first century skills in K-12 education.  The result was Artful Citizenship: A Passport to Learning, an arts-integrated social studies curriculum designed to provide third- through fifth- grade students and teachers with the tools necessary to develop visual literacy skills, implement social science content across academic content areas, and create opportunities for integrated artistic response. A longitudinal study assessing the effects of the intervention was implemented concurrently.