The New Adventures of Uncle Wiggily

Design Challenge:

JP Kids Inc. a media company that produces and distributes educational content through multiple media platforms for youth was developing a proposal to produce an updated version of the 1910 Uncle Wiggily Adventures children’s stories as a multimedia television series for PBS Kids. The classic stories were re-conceived as a literacy series for 4 to 6 year old children, with special emphasis for those whom English is a second language.

Claudia’s Involvement:

Rick Hawkins, executive producer and Miranda Barry, project director, assembled a team of educational consultants. My role was to provide feedback regarding appropriate cultural and linguistic recommendations related to Spanish language and Latino audiences.

It was exciting to work in the fast-paced development of a proposal even though the show was never accepted for production.

The New Adventures of Uncle Wiggily (2002). ESL/Child Development and Diversity Consultant. JP Kids Inc. & TPT/Twin Cities Public Television.