Sesame Workshop

Design Challenge:

During the time I worked at Children’s Television Workshop (now Sesame Workshop), the Research and Education Department worked collaboratively with other department to develop new shows and to provide targeted outreach to vulnerable populations through mutimedia platforms.

Claudia’s Involvement:

My contributions related to supporting research and development efforts of the Dragon Tales pre-school show. I assisted to test the characters to decide which design would be ultimately used in the show and conducting appeal testing of the introductory song. Demo shows were also assessed comprehension with pre-schoolers. Once the show was underway I reviewed storyboards and scripts for developmental appropriateness and visual comprehension.

I worked on Sesame Street Beginnings: From Language to Literacy initiative, a part of the “Sesame Street Beginnings” series produced by Sesame Workshop with support from the Prudential Foundation in 2000. The program is an adult-oriented video that teaches simple things adults can do every day with children in the first three years of life to promote literacy skills and language development. The 24-minute Sesame Street VHS was produced in both English and Spanish. I worked on this bilingual English-Spanish project from the formative stages to the final product which also included a facilitator’s guide for professionals working with parents and caregivers of young children, an instructional booklet for parents, an audiocassette, bookplates, and a poster.

Since the work is no longer available in the old formats, a did find a digital audio version available here.

I also contributed to the Building on Sesame Street: Family Child Care project by conducting summative assessment of the effectiveness of the program in the everyday practice of home day care providers. I conducted field visits and observations of family day care providers in Boston to compile data on the ways they were utilizing TV educationally with the children in their care. The Spanish-English bilingual Building on Sesame Street: Family Child Care project kit included a guide for caregivers, parent informational brochures, and activity cards.

Sesame Workshop(October 1998-May 2001).New York, NY.