DML Research Associates Summer Institute

Design Challenge:

The Digital Media and Learning (DML) Research Hub invited advanced graduate students and postdoctoral scholars conducting research in the field of Digital Media and Learning to submit applications for the DML Research Associates Summer Institute. The goal of the institute was to support the professional development of a diverse cohort of junior scholars working in the emerging field of digital media and learning. Participants share information about their research and build relationships with key researchers at institutions across the country and globally.

Claudia’s Involvement:

I worked with the principals at the Hub as well as the hosts of two events — dana boyd, Microsoft Research New England (2012) and Elizabeth Babcock, The California Academy of Sciences (2013), to circulate the call for proposals, organize a selection committee for the junior scholars, prepare the agenda, select the mentors and manage the event logistics on the ground for the week-long institutes. DML Research Hub, About Summer Institutes 

Integrating Research and Practice: Transforming Media-Rich Educational Practice in Diverse Learning Settings (June 17-21, 2013). California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA. Digital Media and Learning Research Hub, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA.

Thinking In and Out of the Box: How Innovation and Policy Shape Networked Learning (June 11-15, 2012). Microsoft Research New England, Cambridge, MA. Digital Media and Learning Research Hub, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA.