Design Challenge:

The Digital Media and Learning (DML) Research Hub challenge was to initiate a public dialogue in order for DIY and Maker culture to make a real difference for education.

Claudia’s Involvement:

My contributions related to managing the execution of events under this thematic, including thought partnership with principals, financial oversight, as well as event coordination.

I was involved in organizing a one-day symposium aimed at enlisting support and raising awareness about the educational value of making. I also worked to surface a community of young Maker-learners (and their parents and mentors) through a challenge hosted on, inviting submissions that spoke to the relation between making and learning.

Make to Learn (2013). Digital Media & Learning Research Hub, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA.

Make-to-Learn Symposium (March 13, 2013). Digital Media and Learning Research Hub, Chicago, Ill.

Symposium Program
Youth Challenge

At the Symposium


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